Who is Hippo Hollow Farms?

order-now-at-hippo-hollow-farmsJoe grew up on a cattle, corn, and dairy farm an hour north of Johannesburg, South Africa, in an area called Delams.  At the age of 21, his family sold the family farm and relocated to a banana and avocado farm in the picturesque Lowveld region of South Africa, called Kiepersol.  After he finished college, he went to back to farm on this sub-tropical family farm. Macadamia nuts and ginger were later added to the list of commodities being produced there and exported to the EU and US.

Adele was a Global-Gap and Tesco’s Nature’s Choice consultant for farmers in their area and a stay at home home-school mom.  She worked alongside farmers to make sure they adhere to Good Agricultural Practices in order to get accredited yearly to export their produce to the EU.

Joe and Adele have four kids; Abel, Johannes, Talya and Chloe.  As a family they relocated to the US in October 2012.

Joe has always a had love for livestock and wanted to keep on farming with his family alongside him. Whilst doing research, Joe quickly came to conclusion that intensive pasture based farming is something he wanted to do.  The movie Food. Inc made him realize that the food industry in the US and the planet needs farmers like himself and how exciting it was when found that there is someone to follow – Joel Salatin!

Having duplicated the farming model of Polyface Farms, VA and implemeting the findings of a close up study of our land by Darren J. Doherty using the Regrarians platform, Hippo Hollow Farms look forward to see how we heal the land, one move at a time, using holistic, regenerative intensive pasture based management systems as we steward our land daily.  Hope you can come by year after year and visually see the healing taking place.




Watch this video which was aired by wcte.org

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