Buying Club Housekeeping

Please familiarise yourself with the following:

  • You will get an email notification about a week before delivery, that orders are open and that it is time to place your order.  Orders close on the Tuesday BEFORE delivery. The system will not allow you to place any orders after the order deadline. 
  • Log on to your account and select your products of choice via the Hippo Hollow store
  • Seasonal fluctuations occur because we are a farm, striving to give you the freshest product available. We are not a warehouse and our product availability is affected by the natural cycles our animals and of the seasons. You will not receive an item ordered if we are temporarily out of stock. If you are open to substitutions,  let us know and we will do our best to give you a fuller order. 
  • The total price you see at your checkout is only an estimate. Because we charge by the pound, the actual price will be calculated after we have weighed your products and may be slightly different than what you see at your check out.
  • Delivery is a flat 30 cents per pound or dozen eggs, regardless of order size
  • There are several steps to placing an order. You need continue those steps until you have seen the "Your order is completed" page. You will receive a confirmation email after your order has successfully been placed. If you do not get one, it means that your items are still in your cart. 
  • An email will go out to all our subscribers the day before delivery to remind those who ordered that they have an order to collect the next day. 
  • You will not receive a total for your order before delivery, if you need a total, please email us the day before and we will send it to you. 
  • Only cash or check will be accepted as method of payment.
  • Delivery times are set. We arrive, drop and leave.  We cannot wait for people who are late as that will make us late at the next drop location.  The host has no responsibility at the drops,thus we will not leave any product behind.
  • You need to bring your own cooler in which to transport your frozen consumable order. No plastic bags will be provided. 
  • Refunds: You must check your order before leaving the drop site. The Hippo Hollow representative must initial our copy of the invoice with noted changes or mistakes. Any product spoiled AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY will be fully refunded. No refunds on cooked product.
  • We are working with a consumable products folks, if you are not at the drop and do not let us know, a $20 restocking fee will be charged and payable with your next order. Please give us 48 hour notice if you are not going to be able to make it. The host is not responsible for any transactions, therefor, we will not leave any product at that particular host for you to collect later.
  • A $10 referral credit on your next order will be given you for any new clients that order. So please share!
  • Buying Clubs run from March to beginning December.  January and February no deliveries will be done as this time is set aside for the rejuvenation of the Prinsloo family.  
  • Transportation and profitability constraints require that each drop-off maintain a $500 sales average per anum.    


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