Bulk Chicken Deposits

We offer bulk chicken pre-order discounts during the summer months. 

Meat birds are only raised during the warmer months from April - October. Your bulk pre-order helps us to plan our production better to ensure we raise enough brids to feed you and your family. 

Prices are $3.90 for 10 whole chickens, $3.80 for 15 whole chickens and $3.70 for 20 whole chickens. Prices listed are for On Farm collection, if you wish to collect at your delivery location, note that a 30 cents delivery fee will be added per pound. 

If you would like to make use of these savings and further cut up the birds yourself, let us know in advance, we will then not freeze your order and you will need to come and collect on processing day. 

Looking for some chicken feet, necks, hearts or liver? Now is the time to pre-order those too. 

How many Chickens do you want to pre-order?
Feet/Liver? List how many?
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